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2012, "Living with Fragile X" on PBS and available through NETA.

PBS stations will continue to air "Living with Fragile X" throughout 2012, check your local PBS station's website for listings. If "Living with Fragile X" is not listed with your station, call or write their Audience Services department and encourage them to air "Living with Fragile X". We can provide contact information if you can't find it on the station's web site.

2009-2010 broadcasts

March 2011 Thessaloniki Greece

"Living with Fragile X" has been selected to be screened at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in Thessaloniki, Greece!

This year's festival includes a tribute to the Special Olympics, which will be held in Athens, Greece in 2011, and "Living with Fragile X" will be screened as part of this tribute. Kathy Elder, Producer/Co-director, will attend the festival and present the documentary.

Press Release

Photos and stories to come from Greece!


October 2009 Focus Film Festival

"Living with Fragile X" was selected to be screened at the Focus Film Festival at California State University, Chico on October 21st. Co-director Greg Mishey was joined by Robert Miller of the National Fragile X Foundation for a Q&A discussion after the screening. A huge audience was in attendance and were very interested to learn more about the film and about fragile X syndrome. It was a terrific event and a great opportunity to share the documentary and spread the word about fragile X.



Living with Fragile X" is available on DVD

People from all over the world have been ordering the DVD. It is gratifying to know that people are using the documentary to help get the word out about fragile X.

Order your copy today!


April 2009 Hollywood Screening

LA Screening

"Living with Fragile X" had its Hollywood premiere on April 18, thanks to the Fragile X Association of Southern California. The group hosted a lovely evening at the beautiful Barnsdall Gallery Theater. The evening included a pre-screening reception, the screening of the documentary, and a Q&A session that included the filmmakers and several family members who appear in the film. The group expects to raise up to $5000 from ticket sales and donations that followed the event.

Fundraising with "Living with Fragile X"
If you would like to show “Living with Fragile X” at your next fragile X fundraising event, we have a system in place for use of the copyrighted documentary. Please visit our Fundraising Tools page for more information.

Help us get the word out about fragile X syndrome: Download video and artwork for your website.

Read the March 2009 NFXF Quarterly Journal article about "Living with Fragile X."

October 2008 Fragile X Conference United Kingdom
On October 3rd, “Living with Fragile X” was showcased at a fragile X conference in Birmingham, England.


July 2008  International Fragile X Conference St. Louis
“Living with Fragile X” was a big hit at the International Fragile X Conference! The conference was held in St. Louis in July and we had an impressive turnout to view the documentary on the opening night. We were thrilled to hear from so many family members about how touched they were by the movie and how excited they were that we are trying to get the word out on a national level about fragile X syndrome.


January 2008 Premiere Screening Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Screening

On January 12th, “Living with Fragile X” had its big-screen debut in Santa Cruz, California at the Rio Theatre. More than 200 people came out for the screening and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

We held a Q&A after the screening featuring Dr. Randi Hagerman, Director of the M.I.N.D. Institute; Dr. Paul Hagerman, Molecular Biologist at U.C. Davis; Robby Miller, Executive Director of the National Fragile X Foundation; Coleman Lyles, Director of Camphill Communities of California; Neal and Carolyn Robb, parents who appear in the documentary with their children; and the filmmakers, Kathy Elder and Greg Mishey.

Read the Santa Cruz Sentinel article about the documentary.


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