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Fundraising with “Living with Fragile X”

“Living with Fragile X” is a powerful, story-driven introduction to fragile X
syndrome. It was created to raise awareness among the general public about fragile X. If you would like to feature “Living with Fragile X” at your fragile X fundraiser, you are welcome to do so.

In exchange for our permission to use our copyrighted documentary, we ask a few simple things of you:

Tell us about your fundraiser.
Email us at to tell us where, when, and how you plan to feature the documentary. We would like to list fundraising events on our News page.

Help us promote the documentary.
After showing the film, tell the audience that the film is available for sale at, and make sure each person gets our flyer.

Download the flyer here
and make copies to distribute.

Add us to your website.
If your fragile X resource group has a website, we would like you to feature a link to our website on your site.

Download video and artwork for your website (14mb).

Tell us how it went.
Please email us at after your event and tell us how the documentary was received.


(Optional) - add LWFX YouTube videos.
If you would like to add more than just the trailer to your website, check out our YouTube playlist. Simply select the videos you want and copy the "Embed" code into your webpage.

Watch Tutorial : how to embed video on your website.

Or Click here and get the code for our preformatted video playlist. This is the easiest way for you to add our video content to your website.


Purchase your DVD copy here. Thank you - selling DVDs of the film is the only way we can offset the costs of making this documentary.



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